Look who I drew for the first time in approximately 8 billion years

More like a year and a half really but idgaf

If you remember these guys (and girl) then congratulations because I haven’t drawn them since like 2007

I have these hellhound characters who each represented the punishment for one of the seven deadly sins and for whatever reason the other day I was like ‘I wanna draw them again’

these cats are all I’ve been drawing recently I NEED TO STOP

I have been drawing nothing but floating cat heads for like two weeks send help


I tried messing around with like painting fur texture because I haven’t done it in years

Sketchpaaaaaagggggeee for tg-i of her Wildstar character

I’M SORRY THE BODIES ARE PRETTY WONKY human shapes are still something I never draw so it was an uphill battle

SKETCHPAGE for Reneeeeeee a.k.a. adventures in ‘my art style is inconsistent as fuck’

I was going to color one of them but I wasn’t sure if the markings on the ref you gave me (on her stomach and face) meant lighter fur or anything, so lemme know the colors and I’ll do a separate colored sketch for ya too!