I’m so happy Mushishi is back aaahhhh

For the redraw contest on Crunchyroll that HOPEFULLY will announce the winners soon.

Disregard working on fancy portfolio work, draw psychedelic cartoony werewolves instead

The last like 3 things I’ve posted are werewolves oops (sorry guys it’s October)

WIP of a little something

Can’t seem to draw the guy in the top right there how I want so gonna leave it be for now and come back after I ink everyone else.

Another werewolf because TOMORROW IS OCTOBER

This one’s technically a rougarou because I drew this entirely while listening to Sting’s Moon Over Bourbon Street

Halloween costume idea that I’m going to attempt to do this year. Also shamelessly plugging one of my favorite bands (that whole album is free on their website and it’s amazing).

Look who I drew for the first time in approximately 8 billion years

More like a year and a half really but idgaf

If you remember these guys (and girl) then congratulations because I haven’t drawn them since like 2007

I have these hellhound characters who each represented the punishment for one of the seven deadly sins and for whatever reason the other day I was like ‘I wanna draw them again’